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Puritan's Pride Cinnamon 100 Capsules Exp 08/2025

Puritan's Pride Cinnamon 100 Capsules Exp 08/2025

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A Closer Look at Cinnamon

Did you know cinnamon comes from a tree and there are approximately 250 different species of cinnamon trees?

One species, Cinnamon cassia was named after the Greek word kassia meaning "to strip off the bark." This translation can be taken quite literally – cinnamon starts as the inner bark of the tree from which it is removed, then processed and ground into the flavorful and warming spice we all know and enjoy.

Although the different species of cinnamon share many common characteristics, they do have slight differences including the types and amounts of phytonutrients they contain. Since phytonutrients are the health-promoting components within plants, different species of cinnamon may have different health benefits.


When added to your health program, cinnamon can help support sugar metabolism. This means cinnamon can help your body break down sugars and starches from the foods you eat and turn them into energy for your body. Through this role, cinnamon helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels already within a normal range.

If I eat foods with cinnamon in my diet, do I need to supplement?

Cinnamon can be found in a wide variety of sweet and savory foods, but a little bit of this spice goes a long way when used as a culinary spice. Taking cinnamon as a supplement is a more practical way to ensure you are getting the optimal amount rather than just relying on the small amounts present in foods. Supplementing with a high-quality cinnamon supplement also ensures that you’re getting the correct type of cinnamon for the health benefit you are looking for. The most common types of cinnamon used commercially are Ceylon and Chinese cinnamon, so relying on foods alone typically will not include other types of cinnamon such as Saigon or Indonesian cinnamon.

Do most grocery stores sell fake cinnamon?

The scientific name for Ceylon cinnamon, Cinnamomum verum translates to “true cinnamon.” Compared to other types of cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon bark is thinner and it has a milder flavor and aroma. This has led many people to falsely believe that other types of cinnamon are fake. Other types of cinnamon such as Saigon and Korintje are indeed real cinnamon; however, they are just harvested from a different species of cinnamon tree. Their more robust flavor make them no less of a true spice.

Is too much cinnamon bad for you?

There is no known upper limit for cinnamon. With that said, it is always important to take all herbal supplements as directed and avoid going over the indicated dose. You may want to consider talking to your doctor before supplementing with cinnamon if you are taking any medications or have any medical condition, including diabetes or hypoglycemia. Read all label directions and warnings before use.

When to take cinnamon?

It is recommended to take cinnamon supplements with a meal rather than on an empty stomach. Your daily intake of cinnamon can be consumed all at once or broken up and taken at separate meals throughout the day. Cinnamon capsules can also be opened and prepared as a tea for a more traditional experience.

Why do people frequently take cinnamon with chromium?

Cinnamon and chromium can be paired together to support overall health and wellness. Chromium is an essential mineral that is involved in nutrient metabolism.

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